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At Centre Dentaire NP, we believe in delivering the best care possible, and that's why we invest in the latest dental technology. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond traditional methods, as we harness state-of-the-art equipment and innovations to ensure precision, efficiency, and your utmost comfort during every dental procedure.

Technology details

We are offerings the best Dental Technology


CEREC enables us to create custom ceramic crowns, veneers, and inlays right in our office, eliminating the need for multiple visits. This state-of-the-art technology ensures precision, efficiency, and a seamless restoration experience—all in a single appointment.

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From detailed X-rays providing insights into specific issues to the comprehensive views offered by 3D imaging and Cephalometric analysis, our technology ensures an in-depth understanding of your oral health. Trust in the power of advanced diagnostics for personalized treatment plans and an elevated dental experience.

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Dental Chairs

Designed for your well-being, these chairs not only prioritize comfort during treatments but also reflect our commitment to providing an exceptional patient experience. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of our modern dental environment, where our advanced chairs play a key role in ensuring your visit is as comfortable as it is transformative.

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Our advanced sterilization processes go beyond industry standards, providing a meticulously clean and safe environment for every patient. From surgical instruments to treatment areas, trust in our unwavering dedication to your health and safety. Experience the assurance of uncompromising sterilization excellence at Centre Dentaire NP

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CEREC Speedfire

This cutting-edge technology accelerates the creation of custom ceramic crowns and veneers, delivering swift precision without compromising quality. Say goodbye to multiple appointments and hello to a streamlined experience where your restoration is crafted with exceptional speed and accuracy.

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In house Laboratory

With skilled technicians and cutting-edge equipment, we take pride in crafting precise restorations tailored to your unique needs. By integrating our laboratory into our practice, we ensure efficiency and quality control, providing you with a seamless experience and exceptional results.

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Why choose us

Our dental care services are backed by years of experience

From advanced diagnostic tools to revolutionary treatment options, our use of cutting-edge technology allows us to provide unparalleled care tailored to your unique needs. Experience the future of dentistry with us at Centre Dentaire NP, where the fusion of expertise and technology creates a dental journey like no other.



"I had two implants for permanent bridge this past week and just have some nerve pain left with some inflammation. In my point of view, my dental experienced such as the surgery make me apprehensive but amazingly it went well and I was made to fell calm. They are good team.Thanks to Dr. Tâm Phan."



"Dr Phan is the best of the best. After five friends highly recommended him, I decided to go since other dentists refused to do my implants. Dr Phan accepted. He is always available and involved in all of my dental procedures. He gives personalized care and is extremely compassionate. Whenever I have had an issue with my implant, he scheduled an immediate appointment. I am so grateful to have Dr Phan as my dentist. I give him the highest accolades."



"Dr. Phan est chaleureux et professionnel. L'équipe est à l'écoute et explique clairement la situation. On sent qu'ils sont là pour nous avant tout. Je recommande fortement pour vos traitements!"